Monday, March 12, 2012

Prost's Bayreuther landbier dunkel on Draught

Prost German Pub
Bayreuther landbier dunkel
Portland, OR
Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let me start by saying that I have not yet met a German beer that I like.  OK, perhaps I can drink a Hefeweizen or two, BUT only if they are made in Portland.  So they don't count.  Yes, the Germans do make many kinds of beer:  lagers, pilsners, dunkels, bocks, altbier, goses, koelsches, martens, rauchbiers and many variations of each.  This helps explain their reputation as having the best beer in the world.  But I really don't like any of them.  I suppose I cut my teeth in the beeriest place on earth, Portland, so I am true to Portland beers.  Who's with me?!  Sorry about that, I'm done now.  Because of this strong and perhaps irrational bias, this review is ALL Jeff.  I am removing myself completely because it is impossible for me to be properly subjective.  Or fair, or reasonable, or anything that has to do with faking it. 

The dunkel is a frothy, medium bodied, low carbonation beer that goes down easy (when not gagging on it!)  Sorry!  I'm trying hard not to interject.  Really, I am.  Let's just get to what Jeff said:  "If this was a wine I would describe it as light and not a lot of complexity.  It's smooth.  It's a quaffing beer."  Well great!  Because we are here to quaff beer after all.  So we quaffed and licked away our froth mustaches until our beers were empty.

Conclusion:  A quaffing beer.

Two jugs, uh, I mean, steins.  


  1. I have to say there is a big mistake in the Bayreuther Landbier Dunkel report! Bavaria is not Germany!!!

  2. Yes, Frank, I know that we all have that "Texas" that we wish we didn't. Yours is Bavaria.