Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brand spanking new blog about BEER!

Brian's Brew Blog
Brian's Blew Blog
Brian's Blow Blah

That is really difficult to say fast three times.  This new blog is to pile on the "About 299,000,000" options offered by Google to follow a link when searching for "beer blog".  My goal is to be in the top 100,000,000 by my birthday in June.  Wish me luck.

I love beer and I am done pretending that I really like wine when the main effect it has is make me sleepy.  I have mostly drunk wine the past several years since all of my friends drink wine at gatherings.  That's what happens when you hang out with a bunch of gay guys.  Be warned.

You will not find pretentious comments like "has hints of peach tones" here, just slightly less pretentious comments like "full-bodied" and "strong coffee flavor".  I am going to mainly post reviews of individual beers with perhaps an occasional beer related commentary thrown in.  (Your cue:  start playing sappy music in your head and read the next line slowly with emotion)  If I can help one, just one, person from drinking a macro beer then this site is worth the hours upon hours of effort.  Not!  (End music)  This site is primarily for my own benefit so I can remember beers I like the most.  If someone finds a good recommendation from this blog then that is an added bonus. Comments and other opinions are welcome.  But only if you agree with me.

Note that I do not like pilsners and lagers (no offense meant to the German readership) so no reviews of those varieties will appear here.  Well, unless I have a guest reviewer, so I won't say never.

Enough rambling... onto the beer!


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