Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Old Lompoc Brewing's LSD (Lompoc Strong Draft)

LSD on Draught
New Old Lompoc Brewing
Portland, OR
Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lompoc has been around a while.  They have five bars around town and we chose New Old Lompoc on trendy-third.  We sat next to an outdoor window with a neon sign hanging in the window and a nice stained glass lamp with one compact florescent bulb, one orange colored incandescent bulb and one empty socket hovering above.  Uh... OK.

After scanning the menu I chose the LSD (Lompoc Strong Draft).  You know, I think there is a play on words in there somewhere.  I can't quite put my finger on it.  L.S.D.  Louisiana State Dump?  No, that doesn't sound quite right.  Anyway, Lompoc describes LSD as "A Portland Classic!  This strong ale has a deep mahogany color and is crafted with seven different specialty malts.  A touch of smoked malt gives it a complex aroma and incredible flavor.  LSD is also generously hopped with six hop varieties to help create an awesome beer."  More pretense in a dive-y place.  Ugh.  

The first thing I noticed about this beer was its dark color despite being an ale.  I have tried a few other dark ales recently and I really dig them.  LSD is medium bodied, rich flavored and middle of the road hoppy.  Basically, it tastes like a an offspring of a stout daddy and an IPA mommy.  (Could LSD stand for Loser Starts Drinking?  Nah,that can't be it.)  It is served warmer than other beers and this helps subdue the carbonation.  I liked every part of this beer and have no knocks on it.  (Lousy Stinking Day?  Nope.)

Conclusion:  Great beer.  I liked the warmer temperature, low carbonation and rich and hoppy flavor.


Five beers.  I cannot think of a reason why I do not like this beer.  Which, to me, means five beers.  (Lucifer Satan Devil?  No.  My memory is so bad I feel like I am on drugs.  Oh well, it will come to me eventually.)

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