Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Market Pub & Brewery's Black Magic

Black Magic on nitrogen
Old Market Pub & Brewery
Portland, OR
Friday, February 17, 2012

Old Market is a green business, meaning that they use organic ingredients and have a 27kW solar panel system on their roof.  It has a family friendly environment and is a good place to meet a large group of friends.  Most importantly, they have good beer and good enough food.

We selected Black Magic stout on nitrogen.  Let me start by saying that any stout on nitrogen automatically starts with a three beer rating and goes up from there.  They are one of my favorite beers, especially in the winter.  Old Market describes this beer simply as "Black Magic (Creamy Nitrogen Stout)".  Sold.  Twice.  

This beer did not disappoint.  It was creamy, as you can see.  It was dark, as you can see.  And it was a tasty stout, thick bodied and rich.  You will have to take my word for that.  The only knock is that it had a strong coffee flavor and a stronger coffee aftertaste.  I am not a coffee drinker so the aftertaste was not pleasant.  I am guessing that even for people who enjoy coffee, they do not enjoy it for the aftertaste, so this may be unappealing to them as well.  That said, I will go back for this beer again and again.

Conclusion:  Winner.  It will be hard not to order this beer when I go to Old Market.  Perhaps in the summer I will try one of their ales.

Four beers.  The only knock is the more-than-a-little coffee flavor and the strong coffee aftertaste.

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